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21 September 2012 @ 07:46 pm
I might comeback and start making icons for you guys again. I've improved my skills and I have Photoshop CS5, but i'm already thinking of getting CS6. It's a 50-50 thing. Anyone want me to come back? - nina
14 January 2012 @ 12:17 pm
  Hi guys! I just wanted to say that I have officially left the HSJ fandom (JE in general as well) and will no longer be updating fics or whatever. But, I will still make icons. So, this comm is the only lj unaffected by my fandom leave. Enjoy it while it still lasts! I wish I can post my reason here but unfortunately my private lj, mayorinaguzaka is f-locked so yeah, I can't link my reason, theres 2 posts involving that so yeah....I'll be updating after next week so please watch out for that and also i'd like to say welcome to the new members! Enjoy your stay! And talk to me! I like making new friends~ You can comment here if you wanna talk :) ♥

♪: Wired Life (No Escape Remix) / Meisa Kuroki
06 December 2011 @ 06:16 pm
   Yeah. You guys heard it right, jn_icons is now open to anyone. But the rules will still be the same, and posts will still stay open for at least 3-5 days before locked. I've been so busy lately that I cannot even approve requests on time. I don't like the feeling wherein there are people who are waiting to be approved for days or even weeks. I feel guilty for it. That is why I decided to make jn_icons an open-membership comm. Well, i'm working on my requested icons and banners right now since i'm not that busy. I'll probably get it up by Thursday (Phl time) so to ai_yuyan i'm working on your request! Sorry for the lateness, i'll have it up soon! :)

:: artistic
♪: 못된 것만 배워서 / B1A4
25 June 2011 @ 11:03 pm
Requested by: no one
# of icons: 42
Pairing/s: none in particular

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♪: Wonder Woman / Amuro Namie, AI & Anna Tsuchiya
18 May 2033 @ 11:23 am


     Welcome to jn_icons ! I would just like to post the following rules for when you are using my Icons, etc. Don't worry I am not strict or scary. I am just 14 years old anyways. Saa~ please remember the rules ne! ^^


   There aren't much rules since only I am allowed to post, so this is just something you guys should follow when using my icons/banners:

1. PLEASE CREDIT. Especially when using the icons. (Don't worry, if you don't know how to credit, I will always post how after every update I make)
2. Comment. I really do need to see who takes my works, so please PLEASE comment ne :)
3. Do not claim as your own.
4. Do not share on other sites, if this is done, immediate deletion of whatever was shared, and if you shared EVERYTHING. Everything will be deleted immediately then.
5. No bashing/flaming please. I am confident on what I post here so if you ever decide to think something like "Oh this is just plain ugly" then please dear, leave the community at once.
   I do not post everyday so DO NOT complain. I am young so I still have school, so if possible I will only update on weekends and if you're wondering about when the requested icons will be posted then thats on the requests matter which you can find here. (p.s: I am following our time here in the Philippines)


   PLEASE COMMENT. This is something simple that I ask from you guys. A VERY SIMPLE TASK. At least, just state something like "Thanks for sharing" or whatever just as long as you comment. I find it useless posting up icons or anything else wherein I am not shown any thanks or whatever, what am I making icons for? For Hey! Say! JUMP fans. I do this with no pay, so atleast, a little 'thanks' would do the trick.


n/post - meaning my(nina's) posts. (Once there are more posters they will have their own legend as well, but as of now, you'll see this more often)

modpost#_ - You'll probably see this when I have an announcement to make. Either it'd be for the best of the comm or the worst.

!modpost - tag only used by mods

!n/post - once again only used by me (nina)

!rules or !rule - tag used when I am in need of emphasizing a certain rule in the comm using one whole post for that one rule.

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